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Experienced Obstetrics You and Your Baby Need

Through the years, we have learned that support and reassurance are just as important as thorough prenatal care and attentive delivery. Dr. Joe Austin will be here to answer all your questions and help you have a happy, healthy pregnancy.

During labor and delivery, we concentrate on keeping you and your baby safe while accommodating your wishes, so you and your family can have the birth experience you want. Vicksburg Women’s Care provides a comfortable environment and a private, secure setting with the highest quality of care.

Our OB services include:

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Staying Healthy and Safe during High-risk Pregnancy

If you have a health problem, even if it’s well-managed, you’ll need special care during pregnancy. Common conditions like high blood pressure can quickly turn into serious complications that threaten the well-being of mothers and their babies.

Our obstetricians and nurses have helped thousands of women deliver healthy babies safely – even in high-risk situations. We are experienced with managing problems that can complicate pregnancy:

  • High blood pressure, which can cause the most serious pregnancy complications such as pregnancy-induced hypertension and eclampsia (a potentially devastating condition characterized by convulsions and loss of consciousness)
  • Diabetes – pre-existing and gestational
  • Blood disorders as well as diseases of the heart, kidneys, and thyroid
  • And more

If you have any problems, your doctor will carefully and frequently monitor you, adjusting medications and advising diet and lifestyle changes as needed. Plus, the 3D ultrasound and other in-office tests at Vicksburg Women’s Care make it convenient for you to get any important tests as often as necessary without going across town.

If you’re concerned that your pregnancy might be complicated by a medical condition, see Dr. Austin at Vicksburg Women’s Care for the attentive, experienced care you and your baby need.