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Complete Gynecology for Lasting Good Health

It’s good to know that your doctor can meet your unique health needs as they change throughout your life. Whether staying healthy requires medication, lifestyle changes, or more complex care, you can feel confident in our doctors’ expertise as physicians and gynecologic surgeons. At Vicksburg Women's Care, our gynecologists provide:

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Conditions We Treat

Learn more about common gynecology services below.

Pap Smear

The Pap smear is part of every woman’s healthcare for a reason – it’s an accurate, efficient way to detect changes in the cervix that could mean cancer.

Throughout your life, most of your Pap tests will probably come back normal. But if there is a problem, there’s no need to panic. The majority of abnormal Pap smear tests do not result in a diagnosis of cervical cancer. They do, however, require prompt, experienced follow-up.

Dr. Joe Austin at Vicksburg Women’s Care in Mississippi have the expertise you can feel confident in when it comes to evaluating your Pap test results. Your doctor will talk with you about the findings and perform the appropriate follow-up tests you need, including:

Colposcopy: This procedure is performed with a microscope fitted with a bright light to help the doctor closely examine your cervix, vagina, and vulva for signs of disease.

LEEP: One of the newer methods for obtaining cells from the cervix for evaluation. It’s a quick, effective and – for most women – painless way to obtain abnormal tissue from the cervix for biopsy.

Both tests are performed in the privacy and comfort of our office, where we are able to maintain your excellent care.

NovaSure® for Abnormal Bleeding

Though quite common, abnormal periods or other bleeding problems can naturally be a source of worry. Fortunately, advancements in women’s medicine make it possible to treat many of these problems quickly, with minimal downtime for patients.

At Vicksburg Women’s Care, our gynecologists are highly experienced with the evaluation and treatment of abnormal bleeding. They offer advanced techniques that are safe and effective and get patients back their normal routines – fast.

We offer the NovaSure® system to perform a treatment known as endometrial ablation. With this technique, Dr. Austin removes the lining of the uterus – the endometrium – during a quick, in-office procedure.

For women who don’t wish to become pregnant in the future, NovaSure can be an ideal way to treat problem periods. It’s also a less-invasive, patient-friendly alternative to hysterectomy. NovaSure requires local anesthesia and if you need it, mild sedation.

It’s highly effective, with most women reporting lighter, easier periods after treatment, and in some cases, no bleeding at all. If you’re interested in NovaSure, talk to one of our Vicksburg gynecologists. He’ll explain the procedure, including all the risks and benefits.

When hysterectomy is the best treatment option for your health, we use the latest minimally invasive methods, including da Vinci robotic surgery and a vaginal approach that requires no incisions into the abdomen.

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